COLOR is a mood-altering retail enterprise that dishes out unmatched
customer care to people in every tax bracket who have one thing in common:
the desire to live, entertain and give with unexpected style.

No matter who you are, there's always a reason to come back to COLOR.
And VIP service is just the beginning.

Some come often to check out Nashville's most eclectic
and ever-changing collection of merchandise.

Others come to drink in the textures, sights,
sounds and aromas of this otherworldly retail utopia.

Some come to see COLOR Style Experts whip up fresh new
combinations of tableware, placemats, napkins, lighting
and centerpieces that will make their dinner parties unforgettable.

Still more show up with little more than an idea and watch
enraptured as COLOR Style Experts mix unique home accessories
to build one-of-a-kind décor motifs.

As the Nashville Scene
said not long ago:
“Listen to the gals at COLOR.
They know what they're doing!”

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